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Q. How much does hiring and Architect cost?

A. The cost of hiring an Architect varies depending on what service you may require from them. Basic services i.e. Drawings for planning permission, would be charged at an hourly rate. Where more involving services i.e. project management/ Interior design would be based on a percentage fee. Each of Munro Summers projects are assessed and priced individually.

Q. What style is my house? How old is my house? How should I remodel my house?

A. Determining the style or historic period of a house can be tricky! Title records, should give you an accurate date style of your building. The house style, location also can be used to determine the age of the building. We could help you with this or you’re local Authority Departments.

Q. Can you recommend a builder/contractor?

A. Sorry, no. we don’t make recommendations. However, if you’d like a comprehensive list of competent builders/contractors in your area, we may help with that. Also we have worked with many contractors previously as you can see from our portfolio; we may suggest particular companies due to their specialities or experience.


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